Tugas Bahasa Inggris 1

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My full name is Iwan Sutanto. My friends usually called me iwan, iis, love, and my English teacher in STMIK Amikom Purwokerto called me “pak iwan”(just kidding). I was born in Banyumas on January 14th, 1988. So my age is 21 years old now. I have a sister. He is already married. and my younger brother study at elementary school. He is at 1 classes. My father was a carpenter, he was a hard worker. And my mother is a farmer. She went almost every day after the garden.

I’m from Banyumas, I live in Bogangin RT 05/07 districts Sumpiuh, Banyumas. My home near with the pine forest, which has a quite beautiful scenery. Such as Waterfalls and the lovely hills. But now, I stay at Jl. Gunung Muria RT 02/VII Grendeng, North Purwokerto. Sometimes, I miss my house.

I was graduated from High School Ma’arif NU 1 Kemranjen in 2006. Now I am studying in STMIK Amikom Purwokerto, informatics engineering majors. I take evening class, because morning is the time to work.

If I’m at home, I usually just sleep, eat, and sleep again. My daily activities sometimes boring. I work from morning until evening. After that I went directly go to the campus. I began to study from 4.20 pm until 17. 50 pm. And then break for maghrib prayer and if I had to eat in the stalls. The 2nd subjects began from 7.20 pm until 21.00 pm, except on monday, the English language course begins at 6:30 am until 8:00 pm. I work in a internet café. Every day I work in front of the computer. playing games, chatting, exploring the virtual world and the tasks subjects. I also sometimes bored with all that, but it is my job.

If I think about my job, English competence is absolutely necessary, because most of the sites of knowledge use the English language. In addition, to ask for help or support of a foreign-made software, for example, Microsoft office, Open office, Adobe pdf reader, etc, must also be the English language. English is international languages, therefore we have to speak english. We must have skills of writing, reading, speaking and conversation with English. the government also requires that the English language education from primary schools to high schools that are set in law the system of national education.

And this paragraph I write for my English lecturer at STMIK Amikom Purwokerto. He is Mr. wisnu. Her full name is Mr. Pikir Wisnu Wijayanto. He is very funny, because the method of teaching is fun, but seriously too. I always enjoy in the course. I learned a lot from him. not just a matter of learning the material, but sometimes also to share knowledge and experience outside of the existing material. Finally, I just want to say thanks to him and apologize if there are less well. if all lecturers teaching method as he surely will be more easily followed. Goodbye until the next semester. Good luck!!.


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